Years ago Kris started out as a DJ. Only a DJ. Showed up, played music, packed up, and left. Nothing special about it except that he got to do what he loves, which was play music. After a series of events, some weddings, some bars, and some corporate gigs, Kris noticed he was just part of the event. He wasn’t getting paid well, he wasn’t in control, and to be honest, half the time he didn’t know what was going on because he was reactive to his environment and everything around him. He didn’t know much about anything outside of just playing music. Remember, he was just the DJ.

After a few weddings that, lets just say, didn’t go as planned, he was ready to quit and go back to playing music for friends and local bars. After some time thinking about this, Kris decided to go the opposite route. He made it his mission to learn everything he could, about not only DJ’n weddings, but also everything else surrounding weddings, what the other vendors roles were and what a DJs role was that was proactive, instead of reactive like he was before.

Over the next two years, Kris became extremely proactive and took in as much information from everyone and everything he could. He became an authority figure to both couples and vendors on music, timeline, venue setup and recommendations, and much more. Kris states, “What I once thought was so hard, became much easier once I knew about it, and understood it. Every wedding was similar to the next with a flow, and rhythm. Weddings became much easier and referrals started flowing much faster when I focused on my (DJ) offering, personality and image, technique and skillset, what I was providing, and how that lined up with the clients (and guests) expectations. As a result, I was requested more, received more referrals, and in turn was able to charge higher prices. Furthermore, feedback on my performance was better than before. This then became a feedback loop of continued improvement all around.”

To date, Kris has DJ’d well over 700 weddings and corporate gigs in some of the most desired wedding destinations globally. Years of valuable experience, trial and error, and constant feedback and improvement, collectively from Kris and other wedding professionals Kris has worked with, are the cornerstone and core essentials to saving a DJ time, money, embarrassing moments, fear of the unknown, and much more. Kris has been able to take an accumulation of knowledge, expertise, and actual experience and provide the key elements on a silver platter with no fluff!

Kris has mentored many DJs on how to DJ weddings, corporate gigs, and high end clients, amongst many other types of events, and has watched them grow from solo DJ into highly successful DJ businesses, in some occasions working less than a 9 to 5, and in all occasions, enjoying their time on and off events. Now it’s time to offer the same mentorship to you, so you can save time, money, and learn the exact method Kris used over many years, condensed into one training here.

My Mission

“My mission is to provide the core essential industry specific information to teach DJs how to DJ weddings. Whether your an aspiring DJ, beginner DJ, or already DJ’ing weddings, the goal here is to help you improve your confidence, skill, understanding, and knowledge of the wedding DJ business from all relevant and important aspects, and how to make a wildly successful DJ business while working less and doing what you love to do. I’m looking forward to helping you become more confident, and showing you how easy this really is once you understand the framework and gain the knowledge provided here. When you’ve mastered it, it becomes second nature. When it’s second nature, you won’t even call it work! Mastering it with my help, is much easier than it was for me, learning with years and years full of the unknown, mistakes and trial and error. What I present here in Wedding DJ Consulting™, skyrockets you to a higher level of success. See you inside!”