When it comes to learning, Wedding DJ Consulting provided me detailed and thorough information every step of the way. Having DJ’d already for countless years, reviewing this training opened my eyes to some areas I was overlooking or some items I didn’t even think to include in my business. Definitely provides the fundamentals for a successful business and a super easy route to get there. Looking back, I can remember how hard it was to try and market and attract clients, the methods here are spot on, going straight to the source instead of the long way. Wish I would have known these initially! Better late than never.


Being new to the DJ business, I am trying to get all the help I can get. After coming across Wedding DJ Consulting it was like boom, everything was there. I had started with DJing bars and Karaoke and parties, but once I went through the course, I was able to focus on and get events that paid more money, as well as learn how to structure my pricing and add ons. I’ll admit, I was a little afraid of Weddings at first, but after taking this course, I’m pretty confident in my abilities. Especially with the guides and information, I can lead the meetings with the couples and provide value in different areas, unlike before. Would recommend to anyone serious about DJing.


Coming from radio background and all types of events, I knew what I knew about DJing and playing music. Going through Wedding DJ Consulting and seeing the methods shown for the business side of DJing, the consultations with couples and clients, and especially the marketing, these are the items that are critical to know! Client referrals is key in this business and two of the many methods shown here are perfect for driving more referrals, and more revenue. Definitely a legit blueprint for getting the DJ business on the right track for making money.


I had the laptop, music programs and music already but everything else, I wouldn’t know where to start. I would join groups, and read blogs and articles, but you only get little bits and pieces everywhere. Going through Wedding DJ Consulting, everything is in one place and taught in order so you understand it. They really go into detail about all the sections of a wedding, meeting the couples, what to look out for on the venue walk throughs and overall how to setup yourself for more revenue and more business, with less work. I’ve increased my revenue by applying these methods, and my referrals. Super stoked I came across this.