1. Facebook Groups

Both our Public and Private Facebook Groups offer one of a kind support!

Private Facebook Group official Facebook group for members of the Wedding DJ Consulting™ training program by WeddingDJConsulting.com.

Public Facebook Group official Facebook group for both fans and customers of WeddingDJConsulting.com and Kris Mullins. Anybody can join this group, it’s not restricted to customers only.

2. SOC – Physical Picture Cards & App

Physical Cards will guarantee referrals many times over…all sent from your phone!

Whether sending to an initial prospect before getting the gig, or sending to a couple after the gig is finished to say thank you, these custom created picture cards are guaranteed to drive more business in closing the gig as well as more referral business when sent after the gig. Also a perfect option to propose to the couple as an add on for your photo booth, their wedding invitations, or thank you cards to the couples guests from the couple.

Created on your phone, pictures and text, then; printed, processed, stamped, and sent from a huge facility in the midwest, the customized physical card will arrive to your receiver days later (with an optional addition such as brownies or any of the other many options) in the mail just like it was hand created and sent by you. Best part is, it takes minutes on your phone to create, everything else is done by the company. You can also upload your handwriting to make it look like you actually wrote it as well!

3. Digital Business Cards

Digital business cards have saved time, space, and provided clients all the information needed in one click.

With the ability to create multiple business cards you can send the right card to the right recipient all via phone / text. Potential couples get one version, vendors or venues get another version, wedding clients get a different version than a corporate client and so on. These digital cards allow you to include logos, text, website links, videos, social media links, pictures and much more, with each card tailored to the specific group you wish. The best part, you receive a notification whenever someone looks at your card or forwards your card, so you constantly know who is doing what when you send it.

Generate more leads, more interest, and provide more information than offering a physical card than your competitors all with a few clicks. Allow your digital card to be shared with the click of a button or the forward of a text, which is much faster and easier than a physical card.

4. Pre Built DJ Websites

We partnered with ClickFunnels to offer you everything you need, installable with 1-click.

As a Wedding DJ Consulting™ member you get exclusive access to a ClickFunnels account pre-loaded with everything you need:

• Website: Professionally designed DJ website
• Funnels: All the funnels from the program ready to go
• Pages: All the landing pages, scheduling pages etc.