You ask, Why Weddings? One thing is for certain, weddings are not going anywhere any time soon! Weddings are instilled in our cultures and thus have been around, and will be around, for a long time. Weddings are the one day a couple waits for their entire life. To be perfect. To be proper. To be fun. To create memories.

From a DJ perspective, weddings may have many types of stigmas placed on them, but a few things are for certain:

  • They pay the most of any type of event compared to Bars, Nightclubs, Parties, and Festivals.
  • One wedding can pay $800-2500 or more for only 6 hours of work.
  • Couples basically pick out all the music they want played, you just play it at specific times.
  • The hardest part is you setting up and taking down the equipment.
  • Announcements are already discussed and written out, so your just reading the format.
  • The more equipment you provide, the more you charge.
  • All weddings, generally, follow the same format, so there are not many major changes.
  • Your normally provided free meals at most weddings, and good food at that!
  • The last part of the wedding is similar to DJn at a nightclub/bar, so you get your moment to mix.

“I have personally DJ’d many types of events, and I will say that weddings, to me, are the most fun, the happiest, and of course, the most lucrative of all the events I’ve worked. In 2015, I was able to DJ roughly 58 weddings, bringing in well over six figures. One wedding per day, only 58 days worked. That means I had 307 days that year to do whatever whenever I wanted. The best part about it, the format was the same, the music was generally the same, the equipment was the same, and the process was the same. To add, the people were different, the locations were different, the order of the music was sometimes different, and the food was different, so nothing was boring. Where can you find something like this anywhere else while doing what you love?”